Mobile Apps

There are a plethora of apps to support your home practice. Here are a few that I have found easy to use. I will continue to add a list of hand-chosen resources that I believe are helpful. Please check back soon.

Stop Breathe Think


Free mobile app with meditations for mindfulness and compassion. This is a great app for both younger children and teens. It encourages kids to learn to stop, breathe and think. Kids will stop and take stock of their thoughts and feelings; they’ll breathe through guided meditations; and they’ll think with increased kindness and compassion for the world around them. It’s a great tool for developing positive habits of mind for kids and adults. Learn more.


Insight Timer


Free mobile app and one of the most popular meditation timers. You set the amount of time you want to sit, then set optional starting bells and ending bells, as well as interval bells at the duration you choose.The app also contains a number of audio-guided meditations. Start with there list of top 20 guided meditations and look for teachers such as Sharon Salzburg, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Learn more.


Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame


Free Mobile app for younger children. This app offers a valuable educational experience by having kids work their way through the five scenarios, but each is worth revisiting, especially in the moment if kids are struggling with a particular problem. There is a parent section full of free resources such as tips and strategies (including video clips to watch with kids), as well as options to personalize the encouraging audio messages kids hear when playing the app, which can be played in English or Spanish.

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